Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields:

Eastern Michigan

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Almont Municipal Airport, Almont, MI

42.94 North / 83.06 West (Northeast of Detroit, MI)

Almont Airport, as depicted on a 5/1/67 USGS aerial photo.

This small general aviation airport was evidently established at some point between 1945-67,

as it was not yet listed among active airfields in the 1945 AAF Airfield Directory (courtesy of Scott Murdock).

The earliest depiction of Almont Airport which has been located was on a 5/1/67 USGS aerial photo,

which depicted it as having 2 grass runways, with a few small buildings & 2 single-engine planes on the east side.

The 1968 USGS topo map (courtesy of Mike Denja) depicted Almont Airport

as having 2 unpaved runways, with 4 small buildings on the east side.

The 1983 USGS topo map depicted the Almont “Municipal Airport” as having a single northeast/southwest runway.

Wade Lawrence recalled, “Almont Airport... It had a paved strip & grass,

and used to be a center for ultralights in the 1980s.

I landed there many times for gas.”

The 1991 USGS topo map depicted Almont Airport

as having a single paved northeast/southwest runway, along with 2 unpaved runways.

A taxiway led to several small buildings (hangars?) along the east side.

The Almont Airport was evidently closed (for reasons unknown) at some point between 1991-99,

as the 3/28/99 USGS aerial photo depicted the paved runway as being marked with 3 closed-runway “X” symbols.

The airfield otherwise remained intact.

At some point between 1999-2006 the majority of the Almont Airport runway was covered by a residential street,

as shown in a 2006 aerial view, but the northeast portion of the runway remained recognizable.

The hangars appeared to remain intact on the east side of the field.

A circa 2006-2010 photo (courtesy of M. Hoshaw) looking west at the former hangars, now reused as “Almont Airport Storage”.

    M. Hoshaw reported in 2011, “Almont Airport... If you drive by it on Van Dyke (in Michigan) you can still see the hangars.

    It even says something like 'Almont Airport hangars' or something to that effect.”

The site of Almont Airport is located northeast of the intersection of Tubspring Road & Shoemaker Road.