Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields:


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California: Bakersfield area

Updated 3/3/14

California: Mojave area

Updated 2/4/14

California: Riverside County, Central

Updated 3/28/14

California, San Diego area, Northern

Updated 2/22/14

California, Central Valley area

Updated 2/15/14

California: Monterey area

Updated 1/13/14

California: Riverside County, Eastern

Updated 3/26/14

California, San Diego area, Southern

Updated 11/11/13

California: El Centro area

Updated 10/25/13

California, Northeastern

Updated 12/22/13

California: Riverside County, Western

Updated 3/1/12

California, San Fernando area

Updated 12/10/13

California, Fresno, Northern area

Updated 1/1/14

California, Northwestern

Updated 12/29/13

California, Sacramento area, Northeastern

Updated 2/15/14

California, San Francisco area

Updated 3/27/14

California: Fresno, Southeastern area

Updated 11/29/13

California, Oakland area

Updated 3/19/14

California, Sacramento, Northwestern

Updated 12/21/13

California, San Jose area

Updated 1/16/14

California: Fresno, Southwestern area

Updated 3/20/14

California: Orange County, Central

Updated 11/17/13

California, Sacramento area, Southeastern

Updated 9/5/13

California: San Luis Obispo area

Updated 4/3/14

California: Inyo County

Updated 2/16/14

California: Orange County, Northwestern

Updated 3/22/14

California, Sacramento, Southwestern

Updated 4/15/14

California, San Rafael area

Updated 1/19/14

California, LA, Central

Updated 12/31/13

California: Orange County, Southeastern

Updated 1/19/14

California: San Bernardino County, Northeastern

Updated 2/15/14

California: Santa Barbara area

Updated 11/30/13

California, LA, Eastern

Updated 1/5/14

California, Pacfic Islands

Updated 7/31/12

California: San Bernardino County, Southeastern

Updated 2/16/14

California: Santa Rosa area

Updated 11/17/13

California, LA, Western

Updated 3/21/14

California, Palmdale, Northern area

Updated 2/13/14

California: San Bernardino County, Western

Updated 10/1/13

California: Tulare County

Updated 12/20/13

California, Long Beach

Updated 12/10/13

California, Palmdale, Southern area

Updated 2/19/14

California: San Diego County, Eastern

Updated 10/30/13

California, Ventura area

Updated 12/20/13